Smartphone will be full charged in 20 minutes! This technique of Oppo or Realme is very amazing


  • Oppo and Realme introduced 125W fast charging technology last year.
  • In three minutes, a 4000mAh battery can charge 33 percent
  • Madhav Seth started teasing 125W UltraDart charging technology

Just think what if your phone is full charged in just 20 minutes. However, it is a little difficult to believe this right now. But in the coming time, such smartphones can be launched which will support strong fast charging. Oppo And Realme Both introduced 125W fast charging technology last year.

Both companies introduced this technology which can charge 33% of 4000mAh battery in just three minutes. This was shown at a showcase event. However, after this event it could not be said how long this technology will be introduced among the people. But according to a latest report, both companies may introduce 125W fast charging technology in the second half of 2021.

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According to Weibo’s post on a digital chat station, both Oppo and Realme companies can launch smartphones equipped with 125W super-fast charging. There are reports of them being launched in the month of July or December. This technology will also support many other fast charging standards such as 50W, 65W etc.

Also, backward compatibility can be given for VOOC, Dart, Warp, SuperVOOC, SuperVOOC 2.0, and SuperDart fast charging standards that we typically see in Oppo and Realme phones. The cheapest phone in India with 65W fast charging is Narzo 20 Pro.

Explain that the 125W fast charging protocol is for wired charging. In such a situation, it cannot be said whether the phones that these two companies will launch will support wireless charging or not. Last year, Oppo also demoed 65W AirVOOC wireless fast charging technology. While the Oppo Find X series comes with wireless charging. At the same time, Realme has not yet launched any such phone which is equipped with wireless charging.

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Even though wireless charging is a premium feature, it is still not popular. OnePlus has also been skipping this feature for its phones for quite some time, but finally it has been launched in OnePlus 8 Pro. In any case, 125W fast charging is faster than any other charging technology. Oppo and Realme are working together on this technology and are claiming that this technology can fully charge 4000mAh battery within 20 minutes.

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Realme India and Europe CEO Madhav Seth started teasing the 125W UltraDart charging technology. However, its teasers have been discontinued some time ago. At the same time, no product related to this feature has also been seen. However, in January, there were rumors that the Realme Race flagship, now called GT 5G, would be offered with 125W fast charging technology, but this did not happen. Realme GT 5G supports the old 65W fast charging technology only. At the same time, Oppo Find X3 also supports this technology. There is currently no official information about how long these two companies will launch this technology.

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