Sonu For You App: Blood Bank App to be named after Sonu Sood, will help people in this way


  • An app is being created by the name of Sonu Sood
  • It will act as a blood bank
  • This is how the app will work

Sonu For You App: The person whose name was heard again and again in the coronary was actor Sonu Sood. He took the lead on his head to make the people safe in their homes. After doing all this, an app named Sonu Sood is also being made that will work as a blood bank. The name of this app will be Sonu For You.

According to the report of IANS, needy people can be connected to blood donors through this app. As soon as the needy person’s request reaches the donor, the donor can help by reaching the hospital. Sonu Sood has claimed that patients who belong to the rare blood group will also be helped through this app.
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According to the report, Sonu Sood said that this app is not only his but also the result of his friend Johnson’s thinking. He said, ‘Whenever someone needs blood, he shares it on social media. Many people express their reaction to this. In such a situation, if an app is made that helps to reach the blood donor to the people, then it is good. He also said that at times when we are in great need of blood, it takes a lot of time to go to bloodbank and search blood group. In the case of rare blood groups, it is likely to take even longer. This can also result in a person’s life.

According to reports, about 12,000 people die every year due to lack of timely blood transfusions. Sonu Sood said that through this app we want to save people’s lives. For this, Sonu Sood has also done a tweet with his official Instagram handle. Read tweet:

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Let’s know how the Sonu For You app will work. This is how the app will work:

  • Currently this app is not available in the Play Store. But it will be made available soon. Through this app, people who need blood in emergency will be able to help. Through this app, people will be able to find blood donor easily.
  • When a person needs a donor, he can search it from this app and can send request to the donor through the app itself.
  • As soon as Donner receives the request, he can go to the hospital and donate blood.
  • It is being said that this app may be the largest blood bank in the country.

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