State Bank of India: SBI informs ATM security tips to customers

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The country’s largest public sector bank State Bank of India (SBI) has once again issued security tips for customers. SB I Has told customers what things they should keep in mind while using ATM cards. The bank is taking tough steps to secure transactions but scammers are adopting new methods every time to trap customers. ATM, debit / credit card cloning and SIM swap are some of the ways through which these frauds target people.

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Know what you should take care of for the safety of your ATM card.

Cover the keypad with your hand while using an ATM card on an ATM or POS machine

Never share your PIN / card details with anyone

Never write a PIN on your card

Never answer text messages, emails or calls that ask for your card details or PIN

Never use your birthday, phone, account or car numbers as your PIN

Destroy or keep your transaction receipt

Before starting your transaction in the ATM, see if you have spy cameras.

Beware of keypad manipulation, heat mapping and shoulder surfing when using an ATM or POS machine

Be sure to sign up for transaction alerts

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