Students and teachers will get benefit from this new update of Google, will be able to use more than 50 features


  • More than 50 features for Google Classroom, Google Meet and Google Drive
  • Includes offline mode and improved mobile grading
  • More than 170 million students and teachers across Google will benefit from this

Google, a world-renowned technology-based company, has today offered over 50 features for its education-focused products, including Google Classroom And Google Meet also includes. Talking about other features, an offline mode and improved mobile grading is being included in Google Classroom.

In this, Google has reintroduced its existing G Suite for Education as a workspace for education. Through this Google Classroom, Google Meet and Google drive All products including get access simultaneously. Now more than 170 million students and teachers across Google will benefit from this.
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To make digital learning easier among students, the Android version of Google Classroom is getting official mode. This will allow students to start their work offline, review their assignments, access attachments in Google Drive and write assignments in Google Docs and all this will be possible without internet.

Google has improved the grading system in the Android app, which will allow students to easily switch between student submissions and grade work while viewing assignments and sharing feedback. In addition to this, the company will also soon introduce classroom add ons, allowing teachers to incorporate third party education tech tools and content of their choice into the classroom interface without additional login. These add-on features will be available to teachers using Education Plus or Teaching and Learning Upgrades on Google Classroom.

To help teachers learn plagiarism, Google Classroom will provide real reports in 15 languages ​​including Hindi, English, Danish, Finnish, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish. Apart from this, the Student Information System (SIS) roster will be available in the classroom, which will give the students the ability to log in, audit reports and removals etc.
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In addition to the Google Classroom update, Google Meet is also being updated, which will support multiple hosts for more than one teachers approval for each virtual class. In this, teachers are also being given the power to prevent students from staying on a call, in which the call is dropped through the End Meeting for All option.

In addition, teachers will have the option to mute all users simultaneously or to choose whether students will be able to unmute themselves. Last year Google added 8 Indian languages ​​through the Take From Everywhere Hub in April. It has helped over 9 years of people through the Remote Teaching Experience so far.
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Products such as Google Classroom and Google Meet under Google for Education have connected more than 5 lakh teachers and students in Indian states like Maharashtra and Delhi and are participating in webinars for education and skill development. Google is rolling out a new storage model for educational institutions that are using any of Google’s verticals for their education edition.

Through this, storage partitions have to be cleaned which will be limited to a baseline of 100 TB. It is being told that the new policy will be applicable to education customers on the existing Google workspace from July 2022 and will also be available to customers signing up by 2022. Google is also updating its education suite. This includes saving drafts in the Google Forum for Education Fundamentals.

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