Technology has been advanced, these essential details should be known before buying AC

Summer has arrived. Maybe you are thinking about getting a new air conditioner. When the market is full of AC, it becomes difficult to choose the right AC. At the same time, the technology of AC is also getting better. Companies are taking care of users’ health as well as pockets. Rajesh Bharti is talking about new technology AC

Do control with app
It is scorching heat and you are out. 15 minutes left to reach home. In such a situation, you took out your smartphone and turned on the AC from the app installed in it. On reaching home, there was a feeling of coolness everywhere and you took a breath of chill. Actually, now ACs are coming in the market that run at your fingertips.

How the app works
1. Many companies that make ACs have now launched such ACs which are controlled through the app.
2. They are connected via AC Internet (Wi-Fi). At the same time, the app is also connected to the Internet. In such a situation, AC can be controlled remotely by connecting it to the app.
3. Through the app, you can do things like turning on the AC or putting it into sleeping mode or doing more or less cooling.
4. It can also be detected through the app how much power the AC is consuming and how long it lasted.
Price: 43 thousand rupees (capacity: 1.5 tons, energy rating: 5 stars)
Companies: LG, Hitachi, Panasonic, Voltas etc.

The more people, the more cooling
Think, as soon as you enter the room, how will it feel if the AC starts to cool you as soon as you see it? The mind will also become calm with the body. Only then do you have a friend. Seeing your friend (yes, seeing) how will it feel if that AC starts to rain a little more cold? Actually, now iSee technology has come in AC. This has made it possible.

What is this technique
1. AC sensors with iSee technology are fitted with image sensors. If the AC installed in your house or shop is on, then it will start cooling the room only when someone is present there.
2. Such air conditioners identify the person in the room through the image sensor and start cooling the room. If there are more than one people in the room, then they increase their cooling according to the number of AC people.
3. If a person leaves the room, reduce the cooling. At the same time, if a person is not in the room for a certain time, then this AC automatically turns off. This fixed time can be fixed. Due to this, electricity is also saved.
4. There is no need to do more or less cooling of AC with this technology. AC does all the things on its own.
Price: 37 thousand rupees (capacity: 1.5 tons, energy rating: 5 stars)
Company: Hitachi (Kashikoi Series), Daikin, Carrier etc.

Filters will be cleaned automatically
It is very important to have the AC filter cleaned every year or periodically so that the cooling is correct. If the AC runs daily and if its filters are not cleaned for 6 months, the cooling of the AC is reduced by 50%. Cleaning AC filters is also not less than a big challenge. But now there is nothing to worry about. There are also such ACs in the market who clean their own filters.

This way the filter will be clean
1. AC also includes technology like iClean, iCleanser, Blow Clean, which automatically cleans the AC filters.
2. There are some ACs which have a brush. They also have a dust box. On applying this brush, it cleans the filter completely in 5 to 7 minutes and fills the dust-soil box. By removing this box, dust and soil can be thrown away.
3. At the same time there is a blower in some AC, which, when turned on, it cleans the filter of AC within a few minutes.
Price: 34 thousand rupees (capacity: 1.5 tons, energy rating: 5 stars)
Companies: LG, Hitachi, BlueStar, Carrier etc.

Not only cold but also pure air
Air pollution is continuously increasing in many cities of the country including Delhi-NCR. Finding pure air here is like searching for God. This is done by some companies that make AC. These companies have used filters in AC which can provide cold air in the room as well as pure air.

This is how you get pure and cold air
1. The filter installed in these such blocks the particles of PM 2.5 micron present in the air. These particles are present in polluted air. If they go into the body through the breath, then they can also become the cause of cancer.
2. In some such filters are also being installed which do not allow PM 1 micron particles to enter the house.
3. Both indoor and outdoor units use such technology that no harmful particles present in the polluted air from outside get inside the house. Also, there are some that do not let harmful bacteria and viruses also come.
Price : 40 thousand rupees (capacity: 1.5 tons, energy rating: 5 stars)
Companies: Whirlpool, Carrier, LG, Blue Star, Daikin, Voltas etc.

Electricity will save double
You must have heard about inverter technology. Actually, ACs with this technology save electricity. Suppose you set AC to a temperature of 25 ° C. When the room temperature reaches 25 ° C, the compressor in ordinary AC turns off. As soon as the room temperature is high, the compressor will turn on. The compressor takes too much power when it starts. At the same time, in the inverter technology AC, the compressor does not stop, instead it stops cooling. As soon as the room temperature is high, it will start cooling again. This was about AC with single inverter technology. Now ACs with double inverter technology have also come in the market.

This is how electricity is saved
1. Dual inverter AC technology keeps the room cool for longer. In this case, the compressor is on
Will remain but will not be cooling. That means more electricity will be saved.
2. They are equipped with advanced level motor. These motors offer less vibration, less noise and more cooling than other ACs.
Price : 38 thousand rupees (capacity: 1.5 tons, power consumption: 3 stars)
Companies: LG, BlueStar, Hitachi etc.

Wish there was cool air there
Many times a situation is created in the room that there can be neither split AC on the wall nor any window for window AC. In such a situation, a portable AC is useful. This AC can not only be installed in any kind of room, but can also be moved from one place to another. Some of the features of these ACs are:
1. This AC has wheels. They are smaller in size and also have less weight. Hence, they also take less space.
2. In order to expel hot air from the room, it has a pipe of about 8 to 10 feet in the back.
3. They are in the range of 0.5 ton to 1.5 ton.
Price : 27 thousand rupees (capacity: 1 ton, energy rating: 2 stars)
The companies : BlueStar, Midea, Cruise, Lloyd etc.

Some ACs that have more than one technology
Panasonic CS / CU-NU18WKYW: Wi-Fi facility with PM2.5 particulate stopping feature as well.
LG LS-Q18GWZA: Dual inverter technology is also provided with Wi-Fi facility.
Samsung AR18AYNYATB: The filter also prevents bacteria and viruses with the facility to clean up automatically.
(Apart from these, there are other ACs in which one more technique exists.)
Note: The prices given here are of split ACs. Changes in prices are possible. AC present in online or offline market.

Older AC How to make it advanced
Do not be discouraged if you have an AC from the old model and these technics are not in it. Actually, now such devices are also present in the market which makes your old model AC to be a new technology advanced AC. Learn about these devices:
1. Save electricity
You can save electricity even with old AC. Actually, these devices are mounted in the main electric circuit of AC. These devices with artificial intelligence technology have sensors that control the cooling of the AC, keeping in mind the temperature of the room and other things. This can save electricity consumption up to 25 percent.
Companies: Power8 (P8 Sense Technology), ENERLYF etc.
Price: Starting from 3 thousand rupees

Make the air pure
According to Abhinav Saxena, Founder & CEO of P8 Sense Technology Private Limited, not only to save electricity but also such devices are coming which can be used to install pure AC and can take pure air from them. These devices are mounted in AC. By applying these, the air coming out of the AC is not only pure but also does not contain PM 2.5 particles. Also, there is no entry of harmful bacteria and viruses in the house. Their price is about 7 thousand rupees.

Keep the car’s AC also OK
It is very important to keep the AC of the car in summer too. If you have not used the AC of the car yet or the AC is not working properly, then know how to repair the AC of the car:
1. Have not run AC yet this summer, then try it on. If cooling starts immediately, the AC is flashy.
2. If cooling starts after 4 or 5 minutes of running the AC, get the AC serviced.
3. After running the AC, if the gas smells in the car, then change the gas of the compressor.
4. Always have AC service done in the Authorized Dealer or Service Center of the company which has the car.
5. These days, many companies like Auto i Care, Droom, Gomechanic etc. offer the facility of car AC sitting at home. They can also be served.

Keep these things in mind
According to Sagar Joshi, Founder of Auto i Care, whenever there is a car AC serviced by a mechanic, be present there. Never fill the new gas in the compressor of AC, if there is any old gas. Ask Mikanik to take out all the gas from the compressor and then add new gas. Actually, some elements of the gas of different companies may be different. If these elements are mixed together then there is a possibility of some damage. While adding gas to the compressor, keep in mind that the container from which the mechanic is putting gas into the compressor, pour the entire gas from it. A container holds 350ml of gas. This whole gas comes in the compressor of the car with engine up to 1200cc. After pouring the gas, pressurize the nozzle of the container and check if there is any gas left in it.

AC servicing costs
Local mechanic: Rs 500-700
Service Center: Rs 1000-1500
Online service provider: 500-1000 rupees
Note: Charge includes the price of a container of gas. Charge change possible

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