The design of this smartphone is unique, remove the rear camera and pull selfie


  • Rear camera multiple lens
  • Smartphone can be protected from dirt and water
  • In the camera design, a camera of any size can be moved from front to back and can be placed anywhere.

Popular Chinese for your design smart Fone Producer company Xiaomi Smartphones are very much liked in India. Xiaomi Currently working on the design of a smartphone that will have a full screen display and there will be no notch, cutouts or slider mechanism for the front camera.
According to media sources, Xiaomi is working on the design of a smartphone whose rear camera can be removed.

The photos show that the rear camera in this smartphone is multiple lens and can be removed and installed. The same camera can be used as the front camera. For this, the magnetic suspension will be used in this smartphone. However, what is the real technology behind this design can not be clearly said about it. According to the information received, magnets, a receiver, wireless transmission module and other items will be given in it.

Speaking of design After the arrival of this smartphone of Xiaomi, a notch-less display will be found, as well as the camera will be removed from the display and it will be used as the rear and front. Thanks to this new design, the smartphone can be protected from dust and mud. It is being told that in this camera design, any size camera can be made from front to back and can be placed anywhere.

At present, there is no official statement from Xiaomi about this design. Due to this, it cannot be said whether Xiaomi will really make this smartphone and launch it for the people. If we talk about design, then smartphone technology will reach even further.

Currently, Xiaomi has a new foldable design smartphone Is working on It is believed that the design of that smartphone may be similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Z fold series smartphone. Some pictures of that smartphone were leaked on the internet, but it will be difficult to give information about how the features and specifications will be inside this smartphone. It is believed that the Xiaomi foldable smartphone will be based on MIUI 12 and there will be a 256 GB option for storage. There is no cutout in the display for the selfie camera in the smartphone.

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