The most downloaded messaging app worldwide, behind Signal and WhatsApp, see top 10 list


  • WhatsApp and Signal are on which footing, know
  • Find out which apps made it to the top 10

Facebook K instant messaging app WhatsApp Surpassed cloud-based messaging app in January 2021 Telegram Has become the most downloaded non-gaming app. According to the latest data from the sensor tower, the Telegram app received 24 percent downloading in India in January 2021. The worldwide Telegram App was downloaded 6.3 crore times in January, and if we look at the percentages, then 1.5 crore downloads were received in India, that means so many new Telegram users have been added. There are 3.8 times more downloads than in January 2020.

Second number after Telegram in January TikTok And then the signal in the third place among the most downloaded apps (Signal) And Facebook at number four. WhatsApp’s ranking has fallen and now it is at the fifth position, remember that WhatsApp was previously at number three.

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According to Censor Tower’s latest blog, the Telegram app has been the most downloaded in Indonesia after India. Out of the total downloads, this app is 10 percent downloaded in Indonesia. TicketTalk has been downloaded 62 million times worldwide and 17 percent of it has been downloaded in China and 10 percent in the US. Last year in India, the government banned this app.

Recall that according to Censor Tower, TikTok was among the most frequently downloaded apps in December 2020 and Telegram was not included in the top 5 list. WhatsApp Privacy Policy Since the controversy, users have been switching to other messaging platforms. The craze of Telegram app is seen increasing in people all over the world.

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According to the report, the most frequently downloaded list in January 2021 Instagram Is at number six, at number seven Zoom, MX Taka Tak at number eight, Snapchat at number nine and Messenger at number 10. Censor Tower states that whatever has been estimated includes between 1 January 2021 to 31 January 2021 downloads found in both the App Store and Google Play Store worldwide.

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