There may be haste while buying AC, these 8 things must be kept in mind

AC Buying Guide: The scorching summer season has come and ACs have started running in homes but your AC is not going to support you this time and you are going to buy a new AC, so today we are going to tell you some work tips. . Always remember these tips before buying AC, so you will never regret it later, let us know which are the work tips.

Getting offers on AC
Always verify the actual price of the AC model before purchasing. Before buying online, go to your nearest dealer and see what price they are offering AC. Sometimes, compared to online, AC is available at a better price from the dealer nearest to the house. Also, go to the brand’s website and verify the actual price of the AC model you like.

Warranty details
You must check three warranty details while buying AC, first is the warranty of the product, second is the warranty of the compressor and third is the warranty of the compressor. Products usually come with a 1-year warranty, a 1-year condenser, and a 5-year compressor warranty. In this case, the warranty may also vary for each AC model.

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Installation charge
Before buying AC, it is also important for you to know whether there is any additional charge for AC installation. Charge it Window AC And Split AC Or say it may be different for different models.

Noise level
In the specification sheet of the AC model, make sure to check what is the noise level of the AC, choose a low noise AC model to sleep comfortably, ie a low dB AC model is good.

Which refrigerant gas is in AC
Gas also plays an important role in cooling and at the same time it can also reduce power consumption. It is better to choose a model with R-32 refrigerant as it is non-toxic, does not catch fire and provides better cooling. Not only this, it also has less impact on the environment.

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Inverter AC Or fixed fan speed AC
The inverter controls the speed of the motor to adjust the AC temperature, while the fixed speed AC models start and stop the condenser. The power consumption is high due to starting and stopping the condenser, so inverter AC models take less power, this means less power consumption and lower bill. But one thing to note here is that the inverter AC model has higher servicing and repairing costs than the fixed speed models.

Servicing cost
It is very important to remember this while buying AC, that the cost of Split AC models is more than the cost of window AC models.

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BEE rating
In the market you will find many AC models that come with 3 stars and 5 stars, even though you will get a difference in their price and this is because the 5 star models are energy efficient.

This means electricity consumption is low and the bill does not come too high. While choosing the rating, consider how much your usage is, if you are going to use AC both day and night, ie, all day long, then AC of 5 stars will be better for you, then if you need only night In it, you can also see the model with 3 stars.

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