These Mi Smart Tv models of 32 inch, 43 inch and 55 inch will be discounted, save up to 6 thousand


  • There is a chance to buy Smart Tv models cheaply
  • Know, which TV models will get discounts

Mi Smart TVs: 32 inch, 43 inch or 55 inch is all you need Xiaomi On the official website of Me dot com Android TV Models are being sold with bumper discounts. This means that now you have a good chance to buy a screen size TV model of your choice cheaply. Today, we will give you information about which TV models you will get the most discount.

Mi TV 4A 80cm (32) Horizon Edition Gray
If you do not need a big screen TV model, then you can think about this Mee TV model. Let us know that this TV model is getting 6 percent discount on the official site of Xiaomi, after the discount, you can buy this TV model for Rs 14,999 (MRP Rs 15,999), which means a full saving of Rs 1,000.

Mi TV 4X 108 cm (43) Black
If you have to buy a 43 inch screen TV for your home, then you have a chance to buy this TV model for Rs 1,500 cheaply. After 5 percent discount, you can buy this Android Tv model for Rs 27,499 (MRP Rs 28,999).

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Mi TV QLED 4k 138.8 cm (55)
This QLED TV model with a 55-inch screen is available for sale with 8 percent off, after a discount the customer can Smart tv The model can be purchased for Rs 54,999 (MRP Rs 59,999). This means you can save 5 thousand rupees on this TV model.

Mi TV 4X 138.8 cm (55) Black
If you also have the budget to buy a 55-inch TV, then for the information of the people, let us know that this TV model can be purchased for a discount of 13 percent at Rs. 38,999 (MRP Rs. 44,999). This means that there is a chance to buy this TV model for 6 thousand rupees cheaply.

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