These smartphones of Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi flourished in 2020

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The smartphone market in the country is occupied by Chinese brands. although, Samsung, Apple, Google and other smartphone brands are giving a tough competition to Chinese companies. Smartphone shipments have increased drastically in the last few years. Not only Chinese smartphone manufacturers but other companies have also attracted users with their products. In this article, we have made the list of best selling smartphones in 2020. Learn all about them…

Apple iPhone 11 Series
Apple launched the iPhone 11 series in late 2019. The Cupertino giant launched the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max smartphones in this series. According to online reports, the best-selling phones in India include all models of the iPhone 11 series. Apple sold 37 million units of the standard model of iPhone 11 in India. The iPhone 11 Pro has sold more than 6 million units in the country.

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Apple iPhone XR, iPhone SE
Apple’s previous generation smartphone iPhone XR also included in the list of best-selling smartphones in the year 2020. Launched in 2018, this phone was among the favorite smartphones of Indian customers in 2019 and 2020. Similarly, iPhone SE has also been included in the list of best-selling smartphones in the market since launch.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus
The company launched the Galaxy S20 series smartphones in the country this year. This series includes the Galaxy S20 Plus and the Galaxy S20 Ultra in addition to the standard Galaxy S20. The Galaxy S20 has achieved the title of best-selling premium smartphone in 2020. The Galaxy S20 crossed the 3.5 million mark in the first quarter of 2020. The device has a dynamic AMOLED display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. The phone has an Exynos 990 5G processor.

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Samsung Galaxy A51
Samsung Galaxy A51 was the best selling smartphone in 2020. With mid-range hardware and affordable price, this smartphone sold the most units. The company sold more than 11 million units of the Galaxy A51 in the Indian market in 2020.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Series
The Redmi Note 8 Pro is the best-selling smartphone in the mid-range category in the Indian market. The Redmi Note 8 series was launched in 2019 last year and has sold 30 million units so far. The company has also launched the Redmi Note 9 series.

Xiaomi Redmi 8 Series
Xiaomi The Redmi 8 series of the Redmi brand has also been the best-selling series. These budget-priced smartphones were well received by the customers. Redmi 8A and Redmi 8 crossed the 7 million mark in terms of sales.

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