This company surpassed Samsung, number one in the smartphone segment priced below Rs 7000


  • Chinese company itel outshines Samsung
  • Smartphones priced below Rs 7,000 are being much preferred in India
  • Itel secured the first position in the survey with 42 percent.

The Indian smartphone market has many handsets ranging from budget range to high-end. Users buy smartphones as per their requirement. The approach of liking smartphones is different for every user. Recently a report has come out in which it has been said that smartphones priced below Rs 7,000 are being much preferred in India. South Korea’s smartphone manufacturer in this segment Samsung Chinese company to leave behind itel Has won

According to a survey by CMR, itel has overtaken Samsung in terms of brand trust. Itel secured the first position in the survey with 42 percent. At the same time, in second place is Samsung company with 39 percent. At the same time, China’s smartphone maker with 45 percent Xiaomi Is in the third place.
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If you look at the data of users who like itel, 42 percent in product quality, 44 percent in affordability, 42 percent in trendy technology and 42 percent in localization and innovative market approach is 43 percent in sales service.

People liked these smartphones very much: According to the survey, whenever a user buys a smartphone priced at or below Rs 7,000, firstly 76 percent of the customers see the camera, 74 percent of the customers see battery life and 74 percent customer speed. If it is seen that where customers buy smartphones online, then 41 percent of the customers in India’s Tier-2 and Tier-3 prefer to buy smartphones online. At the same time, 51 percent people buy phones from local stores in their area.
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Talking about the satisfaction of users, after purchasing the phone, 95 percent of Samsung users appeared completely happy. At the same time, 94 percent of Xiaomi and 93 percent of itel users were satisfied with the phone. Talking about Indian users, in the smartphone segment under Rs 7,000, customers appeared to trust the Samsung brand the most with 49 percent. At the same time, itel appeared with 47 percent and Lava with 45 percent.

At the same time, as a future smartphone brand, the highest 43 percent users in India prefer Samsung smartphones. After this, itel with 36 percent and Xiaomi with 36 percent is liked by users as a future smartphone brand.

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