This special feature can be found in Microsoft Word, typing will not be a problem

Automatic Text Prediction (Automatic Text Prediction), Users can easily write complete sentences with just a few taps. When you type, you see words and sentences to use in your sentence that depend on your previous conversations, writing style, etc. Now the most popular word processing software in the world is also incorporating the automatic text proofing feature.

Automatic text prediction can work on the basis of typing, for this the product of Redmond Company will be used. The company may offer this feature to its customers as a new service, because for a long time, such features have been seen in Google Docs and other services, which are becoming a problem for the company somewhere among customers.
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The way the company works also shows that at the moment this feature is not ready, but soon this feature will be ready for the people. It is also difficult to say whether this feature will come as a web client / office 365 feature or it Microsoft Will be available for all editions. If this happens then it would not be wrong to say that in some way the work can be done offline in Microsoft, then the users who have ownership of the apps will be able to use it without internet.
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Automatic Text Prediction feature made popular by Google Docs. Talking about its history, this feature was first introduced as an email composer for Gmail in 2018. This Smart Compose feature was introduced first for GSuite users and then for customers. Through this feature, users such as the keyboard of the smartphone themselves can see the sentences and words themselves, this type of feature is enjoyed. When a user types, then the next two words are made aware of the help of this feature.

Talking about smart compositions, this was done after the beta testing for Goog Docs in February last year. Similar to the way Smart Compose works in Gmail, this feature works on Artificial Intelligence (AI). From that it is estimated how to introduce words and sentences to improve the sentence typed by the user and thus help the user.

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