Tips and Tricks: Deleting Facebook search history is very easy, these steps will be your work


  • Mobile and computer can be deleted by any means
  • Facebook Search History will be deleted in a pinch

Facebook Search History: social media (Social media) Platforms most of us will be using and every day you search for something you need by writing in the search bar, but if you want to see what you have searched on Facebook, no one can see it If found, you can delete your history. Now the question may be arising in your mind that after all Facebook How to delete search history? That is, what is the way to delete it, tell us that we will give information to you today.

On Facebook, if you want, according to your convenience, you can delete only the history of the day for which you want to delete the search history or you can clear your entire search history simultaneously, it is up to you. Search history can be easily deleted not only on mobile devices, but also from computers.

If your phone or computer uses more than you and you want that if someone accidentally keeps your Facebook account open at any time, then no one can see your search history, then the search history can be cleared.

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For the information of people, let us know that it is quite easy to delete the search history, apart from this you only have to follow some easy steps. How can we delete search history on mobile and computer, we will inform you one by one, let’s first tell you about the mobile device.

Facebook search history: How to delete on mobile

step 1: First of all open the Facebook app on your phone.
Step 2: Then tap on the search bar in the app.
Step 3: As soon as you tap on the search bar, you will see Recent Searches and on the right side you will find Edit written.
Step 4: You have to click on Edit, after this the Activity Log will open and here you will see your search history according to every day. According to your convenience, you can delete the search history of the day by pressing the cross button that appears next to it. If you want to delete the history of all days at once, for this you have to click on Clear Searches at the top.

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Facebook search history: delete like this on computer
step 1: Open Facebook first in the browser.
Step 2: After this, click on your profile photo and go to your profile. Here you have to click on the three dot menu on the right side of the Edit Profile, as soon as you click, you will see the Activity Log option.

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Tips and Tricks: Easily delete Facebook search history (Photo- Facebook)

Step 3: After clicking on the activity log, on the left side, you will see the search history of different dates today and then below. Click on the three dot menu shown after the search history of the day for which you want to delete, you will see the option of delete as soon as you click. Apart from this, the Clear Searches option will be found on the right side of Search History, by clicking on it you can delete all search history simultaneously.

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