Use Gmail for free? Learn how Google collects your data


  • Google has updated the Gmail iOS app
  • Use Gmail for free? Learn how Google collects your data
  • How the app collects, processes and links users’ personal data
  • Check what your data is collecting

World famous technology company Google Has updated the Gmail iOS app. From this, it will now be able to know what kind of data is collected from those who use this email service for free. Apple made the privacy label mandatory for all iOS apps as of early December 8, 2020. This will make it easy for users to find out how an app collects, processes and links users’ personal data. Google’s move by Apple App Store But the privacy label has picked up several months after its introduction.

Recently Google updated the YouTube iOS app to include the privacy label. Gmail is the company’s next step in this direction. Very important apps for Google right now Google Photos, Google drive And Google maps Privacy information also has to be provided for etc.
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If you use the Gmail app on your iPhone, you can find out what kind of personal data Google collects. There is a lot of it involved, the first of which is access to users’ email. Privacy settings are the same for Android users as the policies are the same for everyone. Here we are giving you complete information about what type of data Google collects for its Gmail users. The thing to note is that the Gmail account for personal use and Gmail account for business use are different. For businesses that have subscribed to Google Workspace, policies for working are different from free accounts.

Data collected and used to track users for third party advertising: This is the type of data that users are used to monitor other companies’ apps and websites for third party advertising: location data, user ID for device identification, advertising data as per use, etc. .
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Data to be collected for analytics: Google collects this type of data for analytics: purchase history, location, email address, photo, video, audio, user content, search history, user ID, device ID, usage data, advertising data, crash data, performance data and Other types of data are included.

Data collected to personalize Gmail for you and app functionality: Data collected for product personalization and app functionality: Name, location, email address, email, text message, photo, video, audio, user content , Search history, user ID, device ID, usage data, advertising data, crash data, performance data, and other types of data.
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Check which app is collecting your data like this: Apple has made it easy for which iOS app collects what type of data a user has. For this, the user must first go to the App Store. You have to search the app there. After that you can get information by going down in the privacy section. If you do not have an iPhone, for this you can open the App Store on a computer or laptop and search that app to get privacy information.

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