Users will now be able to watch 4K resolution videos on YouTube, learn about it

Video streaming platform YouTube It is making every effort to improve the experience of its users. In this sequence, the company has finally rolled out 4K support for Android users. This means that users will now be able to stream video in 2160 pixels or 4K. This will increase the users’ video experience even more. Currently, users are allowed to stream 1080 pixels or full HD content on YouTube. Because most smartphones have 1080 pixel standard resolution. However, now Android users will have the option to watch videos in 2160 pixels or 4K. According to the company, it will prove to be capable of giving users a great experience. Earlier, if Google had uploaded videos in 4k, then it would have allowed Android users to watch videos at 1440 pixels. Explain that this feature was already available on iOS.
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As reported by XDA Developers, the Google company is adding a new streaming option for YouTube on Android devices. According to the report, the company has enabled the new streaming option through server-side updates. This directly means that phones that have been supported with 1080 pixels or 720 pixels will now be able to watch videos in high resolution up to 4K and HDR as well. iOS Talking about the platform, 4K support was made available in the year 2019 with HDR IN and iOS 14.

Reddit user Liskowskyy has posted a screenshot that is from the YouTube app. The streaming option of 2160 pixels is visible in the screen resolutions. This new video resolution has been spotted in Android’s YouTube app with different versions. It has also said that YouTube is providing the data required to stream 4K content. This will make the image appear sharper / higher fidelity, even 1080 or 720 pixels on the screen with lower resolution. However, it is difficult to detect differences in small screen phones. She also said that she has also spotted new streaming options in Hyund as well as budget phones. It has also said that it can also play 1080 pixels of video on its Galaxy A01 while that phone has a screen of 720 pixels.
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YouTube has rolled out a new streaming option regardless of screen resolution. For example, if your phone has a screen of 1080 pixels, then the user will only get to stream 1080 pixels of video. However, if you choose the high resolution option, the image of the video will be better than before. Google Pixel devices which include Pixel 4a and Pixel 5 come with 1080 pixels. But now these smartphones can stream 4K video. However, it is also worth noting that to watch 4K videos, users will need a better internet connection.

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