Using these apps in India is not empty of danger, the risk of data theft


  • Ban on 296 mobile applications since 2014 so far
  • Use of these apps is harmful for national security
  • Government banned 118 Chinese apps in September

More than 100 Chinese after the violent clash between Indian and Chinese soldiers in the LAC Ghalwan Valley last year Apps Was banned. Union Minister Sanjay Shamrao Dhotre told the Rajya Sabha that the country’s government has banned 296 mobile applications since 2014. The minister said that the ban on these apps has been imposed keeping in view the security, sovereignty and public order of the country.

In the reply given in the Upper House, Dhotre said that ‘According to Section 69A of IT Act 2000 and its rules, the government of the country has banned 296 mobile apps since 2014.. All this has happened due to the sovereignty and integrity of India and this step has been taken so that public order remains and the security of the state remains.
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Dhotre said that the MHA is’There were reports about the misuse of some Chinese apps available on Android and iOS platforms. Numerous reports show how these applications were misused. He said that these apps were misused to steal users’ essential data such as financial data and hold all the data in the device. With this, the real time activity of the users was also monitored. Due to these, the national security of the country and presently tense situation on the border has been revealed.

Dhotre said that Using these apps in India is not free from danger is. Large amount of data can be stolen from the country using these apps. After data theft, it can be used by bad elements to harm the sovereignty and integrity of the country. Use of these apps is harmful for national security.

by this The security of the country will be threatened At the same time, the security of the country and, to the Indian defense and general public will also be a threat. The Indian government banned 59 Chinese applications in June 2020. The ban was imposed in view of the ongoing dispute between India and China. At the same time, the country’s government banned 118 Chinese apps in the month of September.
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Chinese apps banned in the country include Tiktok, WeChat, Baidu, AliSuppliers, Alibaba Workbench, AliExpress, Alipay, Lalamove India, Snack Video, CamCard, Soul, Chinese Social, Adore App, ChinaLove, FlirtWish, WeWorkChina, Cashier Wallet, MangoTV, WeTV, DingTalk etc.

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