What is GIS Technology? What is its role in corona vaccine delivery? Know everything


  • GIS technology works like Google Maps
  • This technology has been working for the last 50 years
  • It contains maps with data analysis.

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Along with India, most of the countries of the world are facing corona epidemic. People from all over the world fought against Corona. The government is taking a lot of steps to fight Corona and is also using many online tools. Is one such technology GIS Mapping technology. So know what is GIS technology and how will covid-19 help in vaccine distribution?

What is GIS Technology?
GIS (Geographical Information System) is a technique of technology mapping in which maps are created and analysis of data which helps in decision making. The GIS system helps in collecting all types of data in one place and enables this data to be used in any decision making.

This technology works like Google Maps. Remind that GIS mapping software is not a new name, this technology has been working for the last 50 years. GIS technology was also the basis of the dashboards on which updates of cases and information about hotspot zones were being seen during the Corona epidemic.

Can GIS technology help in getting vaccines to the people?
Regarding this technology, Mr. Agendra Kumar, President of ISRI India said that ‘GIS technology will play an important role in the distribution of vaccines not only in India but all over the world. Meanwhile, the world’s largest vaccine program has been started by the Government of India to prevent this epidemic. A successful and effective plan will be required for the success of this program. GIS will play an important role in the entire vaccine delivery process due to accurate and real-time tracking. ‘

He further explained that GIS will also be helpful in other processes during the vaccine delivery program, such as identifying and determining vaccine cold storage locations based on a geographic area at the beginning of the program, based on real-time transition rates to a specific location or population Prioritization includes helping health departments and governments, helping the decision makers by conducting a correct analysis of the program. Also said that real-time tracking and management of the necessary resources and resources in vaccine distribution, sharing of truth and timely information with the public during the program, and sharing it with management so that they can answer the questions of the public at the right time Can be helped.

Referring to GIS, Mr. Agendra Kumar explained how GIS technology is going to play an important role in vaccine distribution for a country like India. He further said that ‘right place and time will be the most important in the success of the vaccination program. In a country like India, the government and the Department of Health will need to control the situation to bring the vaccine to such an invitational position, and for this, the government and the health department to handle the supply chain, logistics and distribution Esri Can take help of India’s technology. Esri’s GIS technology will help to understand the demographic details of mapping and location intelligence and facilitate the operation, execution and monitoring of vaccine programs in the right time interval. ‘

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