What is the way to activate BSNL SIM card after expiry? Know everything

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Since TRAI’s guidelines in 2013, it has become necessary to maintain a balance of at least Rs 20 or more for prepaid mobile customers. In the absence of balance, prepaid mobile subscribers’ connection will be deactivated. Apart from this, the number of users who do not use the number for 90 consecutive days of calls, SMS, data or voice-video calls, will also be deactivated.

Once the mobile number is deactivated, it can be activated again within a grace period of 15 days. It is worth noting that after the payment of 20 rupees, the reactivation of the number is possible. If you are a BSNL prepaid subscriber and want to re-activate your deactivated mobile number, then follow these steps…

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How to reactivate your BSNL number
Explain that there are many ways to reactivate a disconnected or expired BSNL prepaid SIM card. If your number has been deactivated due to non-recharge, lost SIM card, then it can be reactivated by following the steps given below.

First of all, you have to send a request for reactivation through BSNL Customer Care.
You have to go to the nearest BSNL store and submit a request for reactivation.
Along with the request, you will also have to provide your photo ID and address proof.
After this, you will get a confirmation call and your number will be reactivated.

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On the other hand, if you have requested for disconnection or your operator has disconnected due to wrong CAF, then you have to follow the steps given below…

You will be contacted for CSC in-charge and will have to give a written request to get the same mobile number.

After this, the executive will have to check the details. If your number is not allotted to someone else, to release the number, you will have to submit a request to IN Billing Incharge through internal portal.

After the necessary verification, the same mobile number will be issued to you or it may be that your request may be rejected due to appropriate reasons.

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