WhatsApp privacy policy will be applicable from May 15, know what the app says about it, how it will change


  • Recently stopped its new privacy policy
  • New privacy policy till 15 May
  • New privacy policy details in WhatsApp version

WhatsApp Had introduced its new privacy policy some time ago, but when it was fiercely opposed and the users Whatsapp He recently stopped his new privacy policy. The company took this step to prevent its users from moving to other platforms and is currently working on it.

It is now known that the company wants to clarify what is the confusion among the people about the new privacy policy by May 15. According to the information received, in the latest Android beta update version of WhatsApp, the new privacy policy clearly shows what kind of misconceptions users have in the policy.
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According to the information received, WhatsApp will share some information with its users so that they get some understanding about the new privacy policy. It turns out that there is no change in the end-to-end encryption policy. Which shows that the personal chat of users will remain personal. On the other hand, there will be an option in business chat. User Profile Facebook But no type of information will be used to give a tag ad.

Let us tell you that WhatsApp had announced a new privacy policy, in which they had to accept the policy and delete it otherwise. However, after that, the company had given a statement here backtracking that the update has nothing to do with the users’ chat or profile data. The company wants to make it clear that the new policy update does not affect the privacy of chats with friends or family in any way.

Apart from this, there are some changes in this update regarding business chat on WhatsApp which are optional. It has clarified how the company takes the data of users. The company also made it clear that it will take a lot of steps to make users aware of the privacy and safety of WhatsApp. A lot of information related to how the company works on WhatsApp regarding privacy and security will be shared with users. Before the new business option becomes available from May 15, the company will gradually explain the new policy to the users and would like this review from them.
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The last few months have not been easy for WhatsApp and this has happened due to its new privacy policy. Now WhatsApp is gearing up for a new mission and is running a new campaign to prevent confusion about the new policy. WhatsApp was alleged to have tried to impose its new privacy policy on its users. Earlier, WhatsApp had said that the new policy would come into effect from 8 February, but later extended it to 15 May.

What does whatsapp say?
WhatsApp now wants to first sensitize its users and prepare to fight misunderstandings related to the new policy. Now it is coming with a new campaign that people should know how changes are going to happen with the new policy and how the changes will not happen.
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WhatsApp said in a blog that ‘we are sharing the newly updated plan, in which we will get WhatsApp users to review our new service policy and privacy policy. We have already seen people getting very confused and misinformation has reached among people and now we are ready to remove any kind of confusion. ‘

What will happen on 15 May: When WhatsApp first told its users about its new privacy policy, it was to be implemented from February 8. But when it was fiercely opposed and people started looking for other options except WhatsApp, it was further extended to 15 May. At the same time only the date has changed, but the terms and conditions are still intact. Now the new privacy policy will be implemented from May 15.

Users have to accept the terms and conditions to continue the service. If you do not accept them, then you will not be able to continue the service of WhatsApp. However, now WhatsApp has made it very clear that how this privacy policy will work and what is its work, whether WhatsApp users will have access to private chat. WhatsApp has made it clear that users’ chats are encrypted end-to-end and there is nothing to worry about.

WhatsApp will display a small banner at the top of the chat window as a new campaign. In the coming two weeks, WhatsApp will start offering small banners for users. Through this banner Messaging app K users will be informed about how the new policy will bring changes and how much information the company will collect from users.

First of all, users will get time to review the new policy and then they will be given the option to accept it. This banner will be the show at the top of the chat. Where users have to tap on ‘Tap to Review’ to review it. Once it arrives, users will be reminded to read WhatsApp’s new policy and then ask them to accept the new update.

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