Whatsapp Vs Signal: With users leaving WhatsApp, this new messaging app has increased craze

Whatsapp (WhatsApp) New terms and conditions have created a lot of problems in front of the users. An atmosphere of fear is also being seen among the users and other options are also being sought. In which there is no threat to their privacy and there is no problem in operating.

Meanwhile, news came that Signal Messenger (signal massenger) is liked by people all over the world. Since last two days, increasing number of users, the verification codes on the signal massenger are getting delayed. This messaging platform issued a Guideline to connect users, giving steps to move signals from another messenger app.

Dadagiri in Whatsapp’s new policy: In fact, pop-up messages were sent to WhatsApp on Wednesday by WhatsApp. In this, users were told about the new privacy policy along with the terms and conditions. The new rules will come into effect from 8 February. It is being told in the message that how WhatsApp will use your data. To use WhatsApp, these terms and conditions have to be accepted. If we do not accept it, the account of the users will be deleted.

Tesla CEO appeals to join Signal: After this announcement of WhatsApp, users are very upset. They are getting ready to move to other messenger apps like Signal and Telegram. In this regard, Tesla’s CEO and world’s richest businessman Elon Musk on Thursday appealed to new users to join Signal.

Signal does not ask for personal data, only stores your phone number: Signal launched a group call in December 2020 with its latest versions and delivered encrypted. Signal only stores your phone number as personal data and the app makes no attempt to link it to your identity. Whereas Telegram asks for contact information, contacts and user ID as a personal information.

Signal released a guideline for newcomers: On Thursday, Signal tweeted that many providers had verification codes late as new people were trying to connect to the messaging platform. The company has also shared a guideline that tells users how to join signals from other messenger apps. Signal did not name WhatsApp in relation to other messenger apps in the guideline. However, given the trouble between WhatsApp’s new policy and customers, Signal’s guideline and tweet clear the picture to a great extent.

Won’t transfer your chat between two apps: Signal’s new guidelines told customers to move from just one Messenger app to another Messenger. It is to be noted here that you cannot transfer your chat between two apps. Actually, Signal has tweeted that many people are asking how to transfer their group chat from other apps. Signal group links are a great way to start. It is just like you are leaving the mic when you go out.

We will tell you how you can join the signal-
First of all create a group on the signal.
Go to Group Settings and tap on the Group link.
To create a group link, turn on Toggle and tap Share.
– After this, share it on the old messenger app of your choice.

Do this after forming a group
– People who want to join the group can share the link with them.
– Toggle on / off for approving new members in the group. Through the share link, new members will request it.
– Before adding new members you have to take approval from the group admin.
– If you think that the link has been shared more to join the group, then it has to be reset to change.

Point to note-Sharing links on migrate groups is a big question about our privacy messenger app. However, in this regard, the signal states that the links are optional and you can rotate or disable them at any time.

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