WhatsApp’s new flaw revealed, people are using it to spy on partner


  • WhatsApp has seen a new flaw
  • People’s privacy endangered due to deficiencies
  • People take advantage of this, spying on their partners, friends, relatives and children

New Delhi. Instant messaging WhatsApp Today it is very popular all over the world. Talking about the daily active users of this platform, their number is more than 2 billion. Shortly before, there was a big controversy about the privacy policy of WhatsApp. Even after this, some flaws continued to come. At the same time, according to a new report, a new flaw has been seen in WhatsApp. Due to this flaw, the privacy of the people has been endangered. People are being spied on by this flaw. So let’s know what the report says.

Due to the new flaw of WhatsApp, people are taking advantage of it and spying on their partners, friends, relatives and children. According to a report by Mobile Security App TRADE, hackers and some other people are gaining information about users through WhatsApp status tracker websites and apps. Many people are beginning to get information about their acquaintances only.

According to the report, using WhatsApp online status tracker, it can also be found out who is talking to whom on WhatsApp. Not only this, it can also be found out through who talked to whom for how long and how many times during the day.

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The report said that cyberstalkers generally prefer to gather as much information about their target user as possible. They want to know where the time is, who they are meeting, who they are talking to, whom they are emailing and what they are browsing online. The report said that it is necessary to have knowledge but to use it in a wrong way is unethical.

Let us know that as soon as someone comes online on WhatsApp, their profile automatically tells about when the user has come online. Any user can see it. It can be seen even if the user has not saved the number. But these trackers go even further. It can track the user even when they are not online.

By taking advantage of this, WhatsApp Status Tracker can continuously monitor the status of a user and get his personal information. By entering the user’s number in such a website, it can be found out who came online, how long he was online, who he talked to and how much he talked. Through this, people are spying on their partners, friends, relatives and children.

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The traced report states that CTO Matt Brody used some of these WhatsApp status trackers and showed the exact time and date when users went online. These apps are very easy to use. For this all you have to do is to enter the WhatsApp number of the person concerned on the status tracker app or website and it will show that the user came online and for how long. People are also using it to spy on their partners. They are also used to monitor their children.

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