Will get more price if you will do these things before selling old Android smartphone


  • Planning on buying a new smartphone?
  • There are many things that have to be done before selling the old phone
  • Do this important work for a higher price

If you are bored with your existing phone and are planning to buy a new smartphone, then obviously you have to sell your existing phone or you are planning to give it to someone else. If you are planning to sell it, then we are telling you what you should do before that. If you want to sell the phone, then you have to remove all your data inside it and store it in the new phone, there are many other things that you have to do before selling the old phone. Here we are telling you about all the things that you should do before selling your old phone.
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First Contact Backup
If you have an Android smartphone and you use Google apps, then you should back up your contacts. If your own contact is not already synced with Gmail account then you can do it manually. For this, you https://contacts.google.com/. But go and follow the process.

Back up messages and call records
You can also backup message and call records in the same way as contact is backed up. You can backup your messages through third party software such as SMS backup and restore. You can make a backup by saving your message on Google Drive and then restore it with Google Drive in your new Android smartphone. Similarly, you can also save a backup of your call records through Google Drive and then restore it to your new phone.

Backup your photos, videos and other media to the cloud or external storage device
If you want to back up your photos and videos, you can use Google Photos, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox or any other cloud service. In addition, you can transfer media files to an external hard drive or SSD.
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Log out of all accounts before factory reset and remove them
When you do a factory reset on the smartphone, it removes everything from the smartphone, but it does not log out of your Google accounts. So before doing factory reset you have to make sure that you have opted out of all Google accounts and other online accounts. For this, you can search the accounts by going to the settings of your smartphone and check the log-in accounts or go to the accounts through Gmail settings.

check and remove microSD card
If you are using a microSD card in your smartphone, before removing it, check whether all the data is stored safely inside it and only then remove the microSD card. When you are selling your old phone to another person, then take out the SIM card from it. Although you do not need to say this, but do not forget to remove your SIM card.
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Create whatsapp backup
Before buying a new phone, you should make a backup of WhatsApp chat on Google to protect WhatsApp chat in your existing phone. When creating a backup, you can include the file you want in your chat and you can choose the option to include it as you want. When you download and install WhatsApp again in your new smartphone, you can restore the chat backup.

Check whether the phone is encrypted
Before doing a factory reset, it should be checked that your Android phone is encrypted. If the phone is not encrypted, then you have to go to the settings of the phone and change the manual. After factory reset, it becomes difficult for anyone else to access the phone’s data via encryption. Although most new Android smartphones come encrypted, but some older phones are not like this.
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Factory reset is required
Once you are sure that all the essentials in the smartphone have been backed up and it has also been encrypted, then you can do a factory reset. For this, you have to do a reset search in the phone’s settings and then go to Erase All Data (Factory Reset). In this way, everything in your smartphone will be deleted.

Do this important work for a higher price
Before selling an old smartphone, you should clean it with a soft cloth and you can clean it with a disinfectant. In this way, you can not only get rid of dust marks on the phone, but can also remove bacteria present on the surface of the phone. After that you put all the accessories that came with the phone such as charger, handfree and manual guide card etc. in the phone box and after that you can sell it.

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