Xiaomi’s focus on fast wireless charging technology, phone will be full charged in 19 minutes

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In the field of technology, innovations are happening very fast over time and in this effort, China’s popular smartphone company Xiaomi is also focusing on Fast Charging and Wireless Charging Technology. Soon Xiaomi will start mass production of 80W wireless charging technology, which will enable the company’s upcoming products to be equipped with fast charging and other products including smartphones, laptops will be charged within minutes.

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Xiaomi is currently offering 50 watt fast charging features in flagship smartphones like Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra and the recently launched Xiaomi Mi 11 and in the coming times the company’s flagship mobiles will be equipped with 80W fast charging technology.

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Xiaomi 80W wireless charging technology production 2

This technology will be in Xiaomi’s next flagship phone

Mass production will begin
Recently, Popular Tipster Digital Chat Station quoted Weibo as saying that Xiaomi is testing its upcoming flagship smartphone equipped with 80W wireless charging technology and its mass production will start soon after undergoing the verification process. However, it is not clear yet whether this upcoming mobile of Xiaomi will provide 80 watt fast charging technology. Xiaomi is going to launch its flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro in February.

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Xiaomi 80W wireless charging technology production

Like other companies, Xiaomi also focuses on fast charging feature

Full charge in just 18 minutes
Let me tell you that Xiaomi showcased 80W wireless charging technology in October last year. This technology gives full charge to the mobile in just 19 minutes. A special stand has been made for this, in which smartphones fit. Actually, features like fast charging and wireless charging have become necessary in mobiles these days and people expect smartphone companies to bring in fast charging technology. Samsung, Apple, Vivo, Oppo, OnePlus, Huawei, Honor, Motorola and many other companies are trying to develop various types of fast charging technology.

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