Xiaomi’s unique smartphone will charge in the air, the camera will not be seen


  • Curved display around the smartphone
  • There is no port for charging etc.
  • Wireless charging system will be available

Chinese Smartphone Manufacturer Company Xiaomi Has recently introduced its new smartphone, after seeing it, you will say that this smartphone is indeed fantastic. Xiaomi had said some time ago that it will introduce the first quad curved waterfall display concept smartphone, with a curved display around the smartphone. This smartphone has a display around it and there is no port, which shows that it was recently introduced by the company Mi Air Charge Technology Can be given, through which this smartphone can be charged in air.
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Camera will not be seen: Xiaomi has revealed its concept smartphone through an image poster from its official Twitter account. Looking at this smartphone, it can be said that the curved display has been given around the smartphone at an angle of 88 degrees all around. At the same time, Curved Edge is not given in a smartphone for the first time, because even before that many smartphones have been made on this design.

On the other hand, Xiaomi’s first quad-curved waterfall display concept smartphone is actually a great smartphone. The company has emphasized on innovation through this smartphone. When viewed from the front, this entire smartphone appears to be covered by its display itself, not just the display at the corners. This smartphone has a full display, so the cameras provided in it will not be seen.
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Smartphone will charge in air: In this smartphone, the company has designed the Quad Curve 88 degree surface through glass banding and laminating technology, which can make the display fully visible. This smartphone has a port free unibody design, meaning that there is no port for charging etc. This means that wireless charging system will be available in it.

Xiaomi’s recently launched Mi Air Charge technology can also be found. Through this technology of the company, smartphones can also be charged remotely. It will not be wrong to say that the company has included 88 degree curved edge in the Mate 30 Pro before this.

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