Your WhatsApp profile seen in Google Search, private group also public

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In February last year, Google and WhatsApp were in the news when some public groups Google search Results were beginning to appear. In Whatsapp Group chat and member info Google Was seen in search. However, this problem was then resolved and the groups were also hidden. But once again some WhatsApp groups and profiles are appearing in Google search. In a conversation with Gadgets 360, cybersecurity researcher Rajasekhar Rajharia has given this information.

This time users’ phone numbers and profile pictures are also appearing in Google search. That is, the situation is worse than last time. That is, if someone has the URL of the WhatsApp group, then they can join and search it on Google.

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The report states that users can join the group with the link and see the phone numbers of the group members. Apart from this, posts of group members can also be seen in Google search. It is not known yet how long WhatsApp has started indexing group chat invites on Google. However, around 1,500 Group Invite links are already available in search results. However, some groups indexed by Google are redirecting users to porn content, while some groups are of specific user interest.

Expert mentioned that Facebook’s proprietary instant messenger app was not using robots.txt file for subdomain. Companies use robots.txt to prevent search crawlers from indexing content.

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Talking about the user profile, Google has started showing the private account of the users. These include the user’s profile image and name. It is also possible to view the user profile by searching the country code on WhatsApp’s domain. According to the news, around 5000 profiles are currently public. According to Rajahria, WhatsApp is not using the robots.txt file here either. Currently, WhatsApp and Google have not released any statement about this.

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