Remove Ads, Spam Notifications on MIUI 12;

Xiaomi is one of the largest smartphone brands in India and is known for its budget smartphones. Most of the company’s smartphones run on Android based custom skin MIUI. MIUI 12 based on Android 11 comes equipped with some great features, but it also includes advertisements which according to us may not be liked by everyone. During the launch of MIUI 12, Xiaomi reported the presence of an option to turn off system-wide advertisements, but the feature was missing in Global Build. If your smartphone also works on MIUI 12 and you want a clean and clean experience on your smartphone, try the methods described here.

Before you start following this guide, let us tell you that the below methods are only for MIUI 12. Let us also say that we have used Redmi 9 Power for this tutorial. In such a situation, the settings in your Xiaomi phone may be slightly different.

First of all close the MSA process

To close the ads, you must first close some processes. The first of these is MSA Process or MIUI System Ads Process, which shows advertisements in your stock apps. Follow the steps below to turn it off.
SettingsOpen the app.
Passwords & SecurityTap on ‘Options’ andAuthorization & revocationGo to Options.
Here youmsa‘Have to be discontinued.
Next, go a little further down and ‘GetAppsTurn off the disabled also.
Here you will get a 10 second warning message. You need itRevokeWill have to do.
It is possible that this message appears more than once. In this case, you will have to repeatedlyRevokeMust choose.
To check if the MSA is shut down correctly, restart the phone and check it again in Settings.

In this way more and more ads will stop coming to your phone, but you still have many options, which can make your experience even better.

Stated above ‘Password & SecurityGo to ‘Options again and this time’PrivacyTap on ‘
Now tap on ‘Ad services’ and’Personalized ad recommendationsTurn off ‘. This option collects your data and shows you advertisements according to your usage.

Close ads through Downloads app

DownloadsOpen the app.
Tap on the hamburger (three-lined) menu and go to Settings.
Show recommended contentTurn off the toggle in front of ‘. Here also you will be warned once, which youokay‘I have to choose and ignore.

Stop Ads Through File Manager App

File managerOpen the app.
Tap on the hamburger menu.
Inside ‘About’RecommendationsClose it.

Close Ads from Music App

MusicOpen the app.
Inside the hamburger menuService and settingsChoose
Advanced settingsTap ‘and’Receive recommendationsTurn it off.

Close Ads from Security App

SecurityOpen the app.
SettingsTap the button andReceive recommendationsClose it.

Close Ads from Themes App

ThemesOpen the app.
My pageTap ‘and’SettingsSelect ‘
RecommendationsClose it.

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