Credit-debit card data of 7 million Indians leaked via Dark Web

Credit and debit card data of 7 million Indian users has been leaked online through the Dark Web, which has been revealed by a security researcher. The leaked data includes not only the names of Indian card holders but also their mobile numbers, income levels, email id and permanent account November (PAN) details. It is available for download via the Google Drive link. These links are open for public access.

Cybersecurity researcher Rajasekhar Rajaharia earlier this month discovered a Google Drive link on the dark web, which was given the title of “Credit Card Holders data”.

Links shared with Gadgets 360 include 59 axle files, including cardholders’ full name, mobile number, city, income level and email id, etc. Apart from this, it includes PAN card number, Employee details etc. However, the leaked data does not include information on bank account and victim’s card number etc.

Rajaharia told Gadgets 360 that he has also verified some names listed in the axle sheet with his name id on Linkedin and Trucollar. He has even found his own name in this list.

However, there is no clear description of banks whose cardholders’ information has been leaked in this data, this includes the first swipe amount for most cardholders.

Rajaharia states that this data may be related to a third party who serves or leads the bank. This information first Inc42 Was made public by

The exact information of when this data has been leaked is not clear at the moment. However, it may include information between 2010 and 2019.

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