Donald J. Trump banned on YouTube after Facebook and Twitter

Donald Trump Ban: Doland Trump is in the news today due to the ongoing violence in America. It is because of this that the account of the US President was recently banned from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, now that according to the latest news, Donald Trump’s YouTube channel has also been banned. YouTube has also removed a video uploaded to the channel, which featured violent elements. Along with this, the comment section in Trump’s account has also been closed, video uploading has been stopped for 7 days. The popular video platform owned by Google attributed the violation to the policies behind these restrictions imposed on Trump’s YouTube channel.

YouTube by US President Donald J. Trump Channel But temporarily some restrictions are imposed. The company removed a recently uploaded video on the channel due to exposure of violent elements. Apart from this, the comment has also been banned in the account. Not only this, videos cannot be uploaded to this channel for seven days. The violation of this temporary ban and removal of the video has been described as a violation of the policy of the platform. Explain that the process of banning Trump’s account from social media has been going on for the last few days. Earlier, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have also banned Donald Trump’s account.

Last week, Twitter unlocked Trump’s account. Soon after, US President Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump) shared a video in which he said Joe Biden would be the next President of the US. However after this, Twitter once again banned this account. Now this ban has been imposed indefinitely.

At the same time, social media company Facebook and Instagram have also banned Donald Trump’s account till 20 January. Let me tell you that Joe Biden is going to be sworn in as President on this day. Facebook head Mark Zuckerberg said the decision was taken because of his efforts to promote violence in the US capital.

Donald Trump’s channel on the video sharing platform YouTube is called Donald J. Trump and the channel has been followed by about 27.8 lakh people.

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