Reliance Jio Can Bring Cheap 4G Android Smartphone To Market Soon

Telecom company Reliance Jio is now bringing low-cost 4G Android smartphone. In partnership with Google, it is planning to bring Android phones for less than Rs 5000. In this, the software of the phone will be made while Reliance Jio will work on the hardware of the phone. Many experts believe that after the reduction of Reliance users, the company will work fast on its project.

Can be launched next year
Earlier there was news that Jio will launch 4G smartphone market in December in partnership with Google. However, it is now believed that these phones can be launched in the first quarter of 2021. There are reports that Jio and Google are working on affordable 4G and 5G smartphones.

Reduction in users of Jio
In September this year, Reliance Jio added 1.5 million new subscribers while Airtel added 3.6 million new subscribers. Subscribers to Bharti Airtel have grown faster than Jio. It is believed that after the arrival of cheap Android 4G smartphones in the market, Jio will also add new subscribers. Let us know that no official announcement has been made regarding the launch date of these smartphones.

These companies will compete
There is a big market for Chinese companies in India. This includes companies like Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo. After Reliance Jio’s cheap 4G phone comes in the market, these companies will be competing with the phones. 4G smartphones in almost every range of these companies are available in the Indian market.

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