Twitter is not in the mood to obey the Indian government’s order, said the law is not right …

Twitter remains a topic of discussion in India at the moment. The US social media company Twitter was asked by the government to remove some Twitter handles, but Twitter was reluctant to do so. The microblogging platform has said in response to the central government order that the government’s orders are not in conformity with Indian laws. The company says that it will not delete the accounts completely. Instead, access to these accounts in India has been done away with. In fact, the Government of India had ordered Twitter to remove 1,178 Twitter handles. The government says that some of these handles are supported by Pakistan and some of the handles are from Khalistan supporters, which are being run from abroad.

NDTV’s Report According to Twitter, the government accepted the government’s demand to remove 1,178 Twitter handles, but the company has made it clear that only access to these accounts in India has been terminated. These accounts will continue to run outside India. At the same time, the company has also called this order “not in conformity with Indian laws”. Let the government say that these handles are making misleading and inflammatory content viral about the farmer movement.

Twitter has told about the steps taken by the company through a blog, but at the same time Twitter also talked about “free speech” and “open internet”. Twitter wrote (translated) “1,178 accounts stated by the government have been deleted in India at the moment, but these accounts will continue to run outside India.” At one point it has also been said that ‘We do not think that the orders we have received are in accordance with Indian laws and keeping in mind the’ Free Speech ‘and’ Freedom of Exception ‘and following our commitment we have Also, no action has been taken against the account of media institutions, journalists, activists or leaders. “

The report further states that amidst this ongoing dispute between the government and Twitter, government sources have told that the government has asked Twitter to follow local laws, otherwise the government has warned to take action.

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