You will have to pay to publish news on Facebook


In today’s era, social media has become a great medium to reach people. But now companies will have to pay to publish news on Google and Facebook.

In fact, the Australian Government has proposed a proposal that says that companies should now pay to publish news on Facebook and Google. The government says that this is the first law in the world, under this, everyone will get equal competition in the online advertising market.

Now companies will pay for Facebook and Google

The proposed law draft is named ‘News Media Mandatory Negotiations Code’ (Media Bargaining Code). At the same time, Facebook says that the law misrepresents the dynamics of the Internet. Under the legislation the Australian Government has prepared, Google and Facebook will be forced to pay for journalistic or news related activities in the country.

The Finance Minister of Australia said that this would bring a big change in the world of media. The proposal was drafted in July, but now some amendments have been made. These changes have been made after consulting media platforms and media organizations in Australia. He said that currently Google has 53 per cent and 23 per cent share of Facebook on online advertisements.

However, on this issue, Facebook had warned that it is better than paying news content to stop the news of Australia on its platform. Google has said that in such a situation it will not be possible to provide Google search and YouTube for free.

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